Manchester Est. 1824  Bill Lionheart, Department of Mathematics,
University of Manchester.

Bill Lionheart*

Professor of Applied Mathematics
Alan Turing Building Room 1.126 Directions
Bill. Lionheart at manchester. ac. uk
Phone +44 161 306 8978.
Postal address: School of Mathematics, University of Manchester, Alan Turing Building, Oxford Rd Manchester M13 9PL

Bill Lionheart in the Alan Turing Building by Helen Kirkbright_2007 (low resolution)

Photo by Helen Kirkbright

*Full name William Robert Breckon Lionheart, the 'Bill' is an abbreviation for 'William'. On academic papers I appear as 'WRB Lionheart' or sometimes 'William Lionheart'

Feel free to use the pronouns "he, him, his" when referring to me. The reason it is important to state this is that one cannot in general to infer what pronouns people would be comfortable with from, for example their name or their appearance. To me it seems something of a linguistic anomaly that in English one needs to assignn a gender (or gender identity) to a person before refering to them at all. As though that was the most important thing about them! So I would also be generally be comfortable with being refered to by non-gendered pronouns. I like that mathematican Michael Spivak devised such systems. As I learned basic analysis from Spivak's book Calculus, and calculus on manifolds and Riemannian geometry from ems other books I hold em in great regard.

Teaching 2019/2020:

Semester 1

On sabbatical leave 2019

Semester 2

MSc Modelling problem


Here are links to my interests -- Inverse Problems and Electrical Imaging.
Alan Turing Building Directions Alan Turing Building Wiki:Alan Turing Building (53°28'04 N, 2°13'53 W, nearest post code (for navigation) M13 9WS, OS GR SJ847968. It is on Upper Brook Street, between the Aquatics Centre car park (Booth Street East) and the Schuster Physics building (Brunswick Street). It is opposite the Citroen car dealer (53 Upper Brook St, M13 9TD), and is a four storey slate-grey building. By car, park in the aquatics centre car park. On the Campus map it is number 46.. For other maps see Google maps By public transport head for Manchester Piccadilly railway station or Oxford Road Station. Streetmap location

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